In an intimate set of ballads vocalist Elisabeth Lohninger and pianist Walter Fischbacher travel with the listener through the peaks and valleys of love. Supported by Fischbacher's beautifully unterstated playing Elisabeth Lohninger digs deep into the exhilarations and devastations of the human condition, always fully present, fully believable and breathtakingly authentic.
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A collaboration with the piano trio Phishbacher, this new project a thrilling pairing of musical and lyrical excellence, a powerhouse formation that paints a gratifying and deeply moving portrait of the human experience. The CD "Eleven Promises" is slated for a release on September 23rd, 2016
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Recorded live while on tour in Czech Republic (Spring 2012), this album represents a mix of previously unrecorded material as well as songs from my album "Songs Of Love And Destruction".
Lofish Music 2012
"Vocalist Elisabeth Lohninger, in collaboration with guitarist Axel Fischbacher and pianist Walter Fischbacher, has chosen twelve songs from disparate corners of the world in nine different languages to create an international cornucopia of Christmas music. At times joyful, at times pensive but always hopeful, the set is firmly rooted in the jazz idiom." (press release)
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ELISABETH LOHNINGER: "Songs Of Love And Destruction"
My latest outing as a band leader, out September First 2010, with Bruce Barth (piano), Evan Gregor (bass) and Jordan Perlson (drums), featuring Donny McCaslin on tenor, Ingrid Jensen on trumpet and Christian Howes on violin.
(Lofish Music 2010)
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ELISABETH LOHNINGER: "the only way out is up"
This recording is a collection of mostly original tunes, with Walter Fischbacher (keys), Chris Tarry (bass) and Hari Ganglberger (drums), featuring Donny McCaslin on tenor and Mino Cinelu on percussion on a few tracks.
(Lofish Music 2006)
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"Guitars and amplifiers be damned, TrioNada needs only a vibes player (Tim Collins), a renowned jazz singer (Elizabeth Lohninger), and one of the best tap dancers/body percussionists in the world (Max Pollak) to create their dizzyingly eclectic brand of music. Yoruba folk songs, Afro-Cuban rhythms, soul-jazz, and more make up the typical TrioNada mélange, all bound by Elizabeth's fearless, do-it-all vocals."
(Lofish Music 2008)
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This CD titled "Beneath Your Surface" (Lofish Music, 2004) consists mostly of originals of mine, with 2 German songs and my favorite Joni Mitchell tune. The CD features Walter Fischbacher on piano, Steve Doyle on bass and Hari Ganglberger on drums.
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teradox is a collaboration between pianist/producer walter fischbacher and myself.
remixing some tracks from my pop cd "alien lovers" (under the alias tera) and writing a bunch of new hooky songs from scratch, we went for the atmospheric, slightly melancholic, loungy sound, with loads of haunted vocals and luscious harmonic layers and walter's knock-out keyboard playing. oh, and there's even a remix of a 17th century christmas carol on it!

(Lofish Music 2003)
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PERFECT ROOMMATES: "Austrian LiedGood"
This duo recording with pianist Walter Fischbacher is a chamber-musiclike mix of Austrian folksongs and jazz. It was released on the Austrian SBF label in 1998 and led to some extensive touring in Europe.
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TERA: "alien lovers"
"Tera - that's vocal soulrock, a gutsy, individual musical vibe, tons of groove and lyrics you can't quite let go of. Tera's voice, velvety, throaty and rangy at the same time, is terriffically enhanced by her savagely rocking band of outstanding musicians." (Press Release)
(Lofish Music 2000)