Elisabeth Lohninger, voice
Tim Collins, vibes
Max Pollak, tap dance/body percussion

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Voice, Vibes and Tap Dance: A fusion of styles, sounds and rhythm from contrasting corners of the world, from Yoruba song to rock-fusion all the way to afro-cuban inflections, interwoven with the occasional Austrian folk song - this is TrioNada. Seasoned players in the New York City jazz/music/dance scene, those three present their experiences, impressions, and artistic evolvement as a mosaic of emotion, vibration, harmony and groove. The world as a playground for dialogue, monologue and cacophony is their stage, original compositions, songs from the vast vault of pop/jazz/world/rock and afro-cuban grooves are their map. The result: a comfortingly eclectic kaleidoscope, that challenges the audience to surrender, if only to find out what actually happens beyond the rabbit hole.


Elisabeth Lohninger is a jazz vocalist/composer. With two jazz records issued under her name ("Beneath Your Surface"-2004, "the only way out is up"-2006) she tours Europe twice a year and performs in New York City's hot spots such as The Jazz Standard, 55 Bar and Sweet Rhythm. She is a faculty member at the renowned New School Jazz Department. (

"Elisabeth Lohninger is a powerful performer and highly skilled improviser and composer."
New York Times

"The Only Way Out is Up is the best independent vocal jazz recording I have heard this year, and it may very well outlast the big-label offerings."

Max Pollak is a tap dancer/body percussionist, who has developed his unique brand of dance called Rumba Tap. Celebrated throughout the world as a tap innovator, he embodies influences from Afro-Cuban music, traditional tap dance, body percussion and jazz into his very own blend, which he teaches and performs worldwide. (

"…an intriguing, foot-tripping, pyrotechnical style of his own…gutsy!"
New York Times

"…One of the best tap dancers in the world."
Wolfsburger Nachrichten, Germany

Tim Collins is an Arabesque Records recording artist, vibes player and drummer. Originally from Pattsburgh, NY, Tim has been living in New York since 2000 and has performed with musicians of all kinds of musical backgrounds, from Rock, R&B to Classical music and Jazz. His first CD as a bandleader with the title "Valcour" was issued on Arabesque Records in 2007. (

"This is one of the best vibraphonists that I've heard in years. Tim's musical creativity really shines through..."
Leon Reyes KVMR 89.5 FM Nevada City/Sacramento Ca Host: Leon's Jazz In A Box

"Collins is an exciting player who chooses only to flash his energy in certain spots…those moments are what makes this…impressive disc worthwhile."
Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide

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Stimme, Vibraphon und Steptanz: eine Fusion von Stilen, Klangfarben und Rhythmen aus kontrastreichen Ecken der Welt, vom Yoruba Gesang über Rock-Fusion bis zu latein-amerikanischen Rhythmen, verflochten mit dem ein oder anderen österreichischen Volkslied - ist, was TrioNada präsentiert. Langjährige Mitstreiter in der New Yorker Jazz/Musik/Tanzszene, bringen diese drei ihre Erfahrungen, Eindrücke und künstlerischen Entwicklungen ein in ein Mosaik aus Emotion, Vibration, Harmonie und Back-Beat. Die Welt als Spielfeld von Dialog, Monolog und Kakophonie ist ihre Bühne, Eigenkompositionen, Lieder aus dem Pop/Rock/Jazz/World Bereich und kubanische Rhythmen ihre Landkarte. Das Resultat: ein wohlig eklektisches Kalleidoskop, das den Zuhörer herausfordert, sich mit-gehen zu lassen, einfach nur, um zu sehen, was wirklich passiert, wenn man in das Hasenloch steigt.